"June" Sirinthorn Suepunpuck is a freelance costume designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles, CA. She has designed costumes in both theatrical and film productions in the L.A. area and nationwide. Her work spans a variety of genres including contemporary, fantasy, and period pieces.

June graduated from The University of Virginia with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Studio Art. She prides herself in holding an education background that greatly aids in character analysis and development. June's skills in her field are further enhanced by her continued education at The University of California, Los Angeles, where she earned a Master's degree in Costume Design for Theater, Film, and Television. She has training in costume construction (both contemporary and period), costume research, costume rendering, costume history, aging and distressing, handling specialty costumes (FX blood, green screen, and animation), and training in the design process itself.

The joy of creativity and collaboration is truly the driving force behind June's work. All of her projects are born and bred from meticulous research, rendering, and discussion. Because of her strong illustration skills there is easier communication and visualization of the end product. June is constantly eager to explore new ways of telling a story.

Please check out her latest projects on imdb.com under 'June Suepunpuck'